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The many stages of me

My first job out of college was an admin and QC caller for a University of Washington’s Social Development Research Group. This phase of life taught me:

  • How to use a PC
  • How to find someone’s criminal record
  • Researchers need a writer to edit their survey questions (and that I wanted to do something with research)
  • Patience for people’s tantrums

My second, third, and fourth jobs were as a nanny. A couple of these required training in human behavior. These jobs taught me:

  • That even after high school, other people’s parents love me
  • Empathy
  • Positive behavior modification (you know, feelings stuff)
  • Quick reflexes for catching kids that launch themselves off furniture and playsets
  • Patience for people’s tantrums

My fifth job was in a real-estate office. Assisting brokers taught me:

  • How to explain to someone what their computer desktop was during an 11 PM phone call. After two glasses of wine
  • People don’t know how to use their computers and require calm hand-holding
  • How to make sales brochures with poor-man’s Photoshop (that would Microsoft Publisher for those who don’t know)
  • Patience for people’s tantrums

My current job as UX Writer for Microsoft Teams teaches me something new every day. Be assured I’m still learning patience for people’s tantrums.